Mobility Elevator recently completed the installation of a residential elevator in a New York City townhouse. Yes, our residential elevators can even be installed in townhouses, not only single family homes! For this installation we decided on the Infinity model by Savaria, a luxury model. This particular model’s specifications includes Savaria Autoslim Landing Doors, an 8’ tall cab, and stainless steel cab interior, doors, and frames.

Key features of Savaria elevators include a touchpad phone on the cab operating panel (COP), and upgraded cab rollers for an ultra-smooth ride. Safety features include elevator door locks, emergency battery backup for cab lighting and lowering, emergency manual lowering, and audible “beep codes”. Optional features include power gate and power door operators, digital display hall cells, and a keypad or phone box (for added safety and security).

Not only does this elevator improve an individual’s mobility in their home, but will also enhance their home and its resale value. The Savaria elevator is luxury, built reliably.

The Infinity model’s precision hydraulic drive system is dependable and compatible with the use of LEED-qualified Hydro Safe hydraulic vegetable oil. This design houses drive components in a machine room that can be located where best suited in your home.

One particular stand out feature is the Savaria Autoslim Landing Doors. This model of doors is fully automatic. They embody a slim profile for a modern and sleek appearance. This design is space saving, modern, quiet, and is dual speed. These commercial-grade doors can be used as a complete system, or in combination with a swing-style landing door. Finishes include stainless steel, powder coated paint, or framed glass.

Do you want to install a residential elevator in your townhouse or single family home? Contact us today or read more about our modern residential elevators!