If there is one place that needs ADA compliance, it’s a University. Recently, Mobility Elevator completed an installation of a wheelchair lift in a Rutgers University, physics lecture hall. This custom made incline wheelchair lift features a curving track which fits seamlessly along the staircase to provide wheelchair access for students and professors, and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Due to the lectures hall’s number of steps as well as its non-straight walled architecture, a very specific type model was required.

The chosen wheelchair lift model is the Model Omega manufactured by Savaria. The Omega model was chosen over its counterpart, the Delta Model, as it handles multiple levels, turning stairs, curved stairs or stairs with intermediate landings. An additional benefit, beyond its ability to fit along curved stairways, is the avoidance of any major construction in preparation of installing the lift. Securely installed along a side wall (or stanchions), the platform glides along its rail when in use and folds up when idle. When an elevator or vertical lift is not easily accommodated for cost or construction concerns, a Savaria inclined platform lift is an excellent option for accessibility, with space and cost savings.

Another benefit, specifically regarding ADA compliance, is an optional large ADA-compliant platform, which is ideal for public accessibility requirements. 

The Model Omega comes with unmatched safety features: 

  • A sensor system on the platform which will stop the lift when it meets an obstruction. 
  • A non-skid surface with side safety flaps.
  • Two automatic safety arms which lower prior to the lift moving.
  • One arm opening to allow a safe exit.
  • An overspeed governor and manual lowering device. 
  • Call stations can incorporate keyed access to prevent unintended use of the lift and an emergency stop button is provided on board the lift.

Whether you need a lift for your home, school or any public building, Mobility Elevator will work with you to bring your building up to ADA compliance and make it accessible for all. Get a quote today!