infinitymainConcord’s Infinity is a residential elevator designed to provide a luxurious yet affordable means of vertical transportation for multilevel homes. Infinity’s reliable, quiet and smooth operation is ensured by our innovative hydraulic drive system. With a variety of cab finishes and colors the Infinity allows you to customize your design for a more personalized look.

The Concord Infinity offers many features as standard that are costly extras on many other elevators making it the ideal choice when selecting a luxury elevator for your home.

At Concord, our focus is on quality assurance, reliability and attention to detail. Our top priority is always customer satisfaction. When you chose an Infinity elevator, you can feel confident that you are selecting the best residential elevator available and we invite you to explore the infinite possibilities Concord has to offer.


High efficiency hydraulic drive system: The ultimate smooth and quiet ride.

Magnetic floor selection: Automatic levelling at each landing to ensure the elevator meets the floor precisely.

Submersible pump and motor: For whisper-quiet operation.

Variable speed pressure valve: Gradual acceleration and deceleration for gentle stops and starts.

Other standard features: Fully automatic operation, automatic cab on/off interior lighting, digital display in car operating panel, surface-mount telephone, white ceiling with 4 down lights, MDF or melamine interior walls in choice of colors.

Standard finishes: MDF with or without finish, melamine in choice of finishes (see color chart), stainless steel, clear or bronze anodized aluminum cab operating panel and hall call stations, plywood floor.

Safety features: Battery operated (UPS) emergency lowering and lighting, manual emergency lowering button, lockable control panel, elevator door interlocks, emergency stop switch, in-use indicator lights on hall station, slack rope safety system.

Warranty: 36 months parts. Please see complete details here.


Optional Configurations: Type 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Cab Sizes:

W36” x L48” x H80” (914 mm x 1219 mm x 2032 mm), Type 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

W36” x L54” x H80” (914 mm x 1371 mm x 2032 mm), Type 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

W36” x L60” x H80” (914 mm x 1524 mm x 2032 mm), Type 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

W40″ x L54″ x 80″ (1016 mm x 1372 mm x 2032mm), Type 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Infinity HD

W48” x L60” x H80” (1219 mm x 1524 mm x 2032 mm), Type 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Optional Height: 84″ (2133) or 96″ (2438 mm)

Optional Cab Finishes: Recessed hardwood, raised hardwood, finished or unfinished veneer (see color chart).

Optional Fixture Finishes: Brass #4 finish (handrail, cab operating panel, hall call station). Hall call stations available in rectangular or oval design.

Optional Flooring: Hardwood (see color chart).

Doors and Gate Options: Panel-fold gate in clear anodized aluminum with clear acrylic inserts, or anodized bronze with bronze acrylic inserts, visi-fold gate anodized bronze with bronze acrylic, clear-fold gate in clear anodized aluminum with clear acrylic inserts. Power gate and door operators. For the ultimate in convenience, add Savaria automatic slim doors (requires 84″ cab height)

Other Options: Up to 6 stops, telephone cabinet, alpha-numeric button marking, two-exit opening, keyed hall call station, interlocks (Kwiklock, Porta, Pro EMI).

Technical Information

Applications: Residential, indoors

Standard Capacity: 750 lb (340 kg)

Optional Capacity: 950 lb (431kg), 1000 lb (454 kg)

Maximum Travel Distance: 50′ (15.24 m)

Nominal Speed: 36 ft/min (0.18 m/s)

Drive/Motor: 1:2 cable hydraulic drive, 3 hp submersed

Minimum Pit: 8″ (203 mm)

Minimum Overhead Clearance: 92″ (2337 mm)

Power Supply: 208 volts, three phase, 60 Hz, 30 amps or 230 volt, single phase, 60 Hz, 30 amps

The Infinity may also be ordered in an HD (heavy duty) configuration with the same specifications as above, with the following differences:

Optional Capacity: 1000 lb (453 kg), 1400 lb (635 kg)

Drive/Motor: 1:2 cable hydraulic drive, 5 hp submersed

Minimum Pit: 12″ (305 mm)

Minimum Overhead Clearance: 92″ (2337 mm)


Infinity Home Elevator Drawings