Commercial Elevators


Orion is a fully enclosed commercial elevator designed to meet National Codes covering the use of Limited Use/Limited Application (LULA) elevators It has a load carrying capacity of 1400 lbs. (635 kg) and serves up to six floors.
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Home Elevators

EclipseInfinityTelecabVacuum Elevator PVE37Vuelift ElevatorZenith

ECLIPSE delivers exceptional performance while utilizing minimal space. Requiring no mechanical room and minimal overhead drive space, the Eclipse elevator easily fits into new or existing homes.
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INFINITY is a fully enclosed elevator designed to provide an economical means of vertical transportation. It has a load carrying capacity of 750 lbs. (341 kg) and serves up to six floors.
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TELECAB elevator is a residential two stop elevator. The Telecab maximizes living space and keeps construction to a minimum by eliminating the need for a hoistway.
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Vacuum Elevator PVE37 Panoramic air driven elevator can safely carry two adults or 450 lbs..
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Vuelift Elevator is an elegant solution to achieving peace of mind without compromising style.
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Zenith is our top-of-the-line traditional home elevator; based on our commercial-grade Orion MRL elevator. The robust Zenith offers the finest in ride quality with whisper-quiet operation.
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Wheelchair Lifts

Provide people in wheelchairs safe and reliable access up and down stairways


V-1504 is a commercial and residential vertical platform lift that equips the same drive system with several different platform configurations.
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Multilift is a vertical platform lift, designed for low-rise travel, inside or outside your home or in certain public spaces.
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Prolift vertical platform lift is a smooth, quiet and efficient operation lift that can be installed in an existing or new structure.
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Delta inclined platform lift can be used in the home or for commercial applications to provide access over a single flight of straight stairs.
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Omega inclined platform lift handles inside and outside curved stairs, multiple levels and spiral stairs. Ideal for access over stairs in commercial settings.
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Stair Lifts

Designed for people who experience physical difficulty ascending/descending stairs.

Handicare 1000 OutdoorHandicare 1000 IndoorHandicare SimplicityElan Straight RailStairfriendElectra Ride IIIPrecision IndoorPrecision OutdoorFreeliftHandicare 2000

Handicare 1000 Outdoor Fully waterproofed and designed to overcome the problems caused by external straight runs of stairs.

Handicare 1000 Indoor is one of the most comfortable and safest stairlifts, it is slim, elegant, with the mechanical parts hidden.
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Handicare Simplicity Designed for straight staircases, the footplate and seat swivel are manually operated.

Elan Straight Rail Entry level stairlift offers great value and reliability for the budget minded.
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ELECTRA RIDE III custom raft stairtift that lets you once again enjoy the home you love, upstairs and downstairs
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Precision Indoor Stairlift Provides quality and reliability, designed even for steep stairs with a gradient of up to 75°.

Precision OutdoorStairlift Zinc coated rail ensures it is completely weatherproof and can be made to your specification.

Freelift Designed specifically for multi-storey houses, apartment block stairwells and spiral staircases.

Handicare 2000 Well established and versatile stair lift system with the tightest track bends available.


Designed to provide a safe and reliable means of vertically transporting goods in a mutli-floor building environment.

Ambassador TRAmbassador DRCable WaiterPaca Waiter

Ambassador TR quickly and quietly carries up to 500 pounds at speeds up to 300 feet per minute.
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AMBASSADOR DR is the perfect choice for any lift of 50 feet or less. It is capable of speeds of 50 feet per minute, with load capacities up to 500 pounds.
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CABLE WAITER residential dumbwaiter offers convenience and flexibility, with economy.
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PACA WAITER is designed to meet the needs of today’s business owners, available with a capacity from 200 lbs. to 500 lbs. this model is sure to offer safety and convenience to any multi-level business scenario.
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