Orion Commercial Elevator
The Orion elevator is designed for commercial low-rise buildings, with features of a high-rise elevator.

Reliable, Affordable, Dependable.

Mobility commercial elevators are designed to provide economical and reliable vertical transportation. Many innovative features set Mobility Elevator & Lifts apart from others such as a large variety of attractive cab finishes, colors, and options which allow you to customize the elevator to satisfy your personal requirements.

Currently we offer the Orion Commercial elevator, which offers features normally seen in only in high-rise elevators, such as automatic sliding doors and commercial fixtures. It is aesthetically appealing, has a high efficiency hydraulic drive system as well as important safety features.

This lift can be used in many types of commercial buildings including office buildings, schools and places of worship. The operation of this lift is fully automatic, it provides a professional appearance and has a smooth ride from start to finish. This elevator should be considered if you require the look and feel of a high rise elevator, at an affordable price.

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