Residential elevator installed in Brooklyn, NY

A Marble Interior

There is nothing that can make a home feel more luxurious than a beautifully integrated elevator. Imagine walking into your home after a long, tedious day of work. You want to get off your feet, but you have several flights of stairs to traverse before reaching the comfort of your bed. Now imagine the same scenario, but instead, riding up to the third floor on your newly installed elevator. It’s a no brainer!

One of our recent elevator installations occurred in a private residence in Brooklyn, NY. In this case, Mobility Elevator & Lift had chosen to install a custom residential elevator model called Infinity, manufactured by Savaria. This particular elevator has some stunning features including an 8’ mirrored cab with brass fixtures and a marble floor. Additionally, brass auto slim landing doors and frames enclose this elevator, integrating it seamlessly in the existing structure.

The Infinity model, by Savaria, uses a hydraulic drive, creating a smooth ride. The slim doors make the elevator less bulky and gives it a more modern feel, much more elegant than standard elevator doors. The cab interior can be designed with finished hardwood or unfinished veneer and can be made from oak, cherry, or maple.

Seemless Integration

Standard specifications include, but are not limited to:

  • Up to 1400lb capacity
  • Up to 50’ of travel
  • Alphanumeric numbering
  • A surface-mount telephone 
  • Illuminated automatic push button operation on hall call stations with an in-use indicator light

Safety features include:

  • Certified elevator door locks
  • Emergency battery back-up
  • A manual lowering system
  • Audible codes for the user to take certain actions

Brass Auto Slim Landing Doors

By installing an Infinity elevator in your private home, Mobility Elevator & Lift can help you to live your days with as few obstacles as possible. Contact us today to learn more about how we can install a brand new residential elevator and change your everyday life for the better.