Mobility Elevator has recently helped design and install two wheelchair lifts at Life Time Fitness at NoHo Cooper Square, NYC to comply with ADA and NYC Accessibility code requirements. Life Time Fitness is a 17,000 square foot fitness, health, and wellness center. This center features group fitness, cycling and yoga studios and offers 1 on 1 training, and over 30 classes per week. This location is the newest in New York City, alongside three other luxury locations.

To adhere to ADA requirements, Mobility Elevator installed two models of wheelchair lifts including the Savaria model Omega custom stair incline wheelchair lift with parking bend at top landing and the Savaria model V-1504 Enclosure including a prefabricated enclosure and plexiglass panels. Each contains their own unique features.

The Savaria model Omega is an inexpensive alternative to a vertical lift. It can be easily adapted into existing space without the need for significant renovations. Features include a pedestrian warning light and movement alarm, a power folding platform, and a module rail system, making installation easy and quick. It’s safety features include a non-skid platform with side safety flaps, a manual lowering device, an emergency stop button, among many other features.

The Savaria model V-1504 Enclosure is designed to carry a wheelchair safely between one or several floors. Features include a quiet and reliable hydraulic drive, a hand rail, and an automatic battery recharging system. Safety features include Door locks, a platform gate, underpan obstruction sensors and more. This model can be built in custom sizes ranging from 42” to 60”, accommodating a wide gamut of spaces.

Life Time Fitness caters to those who enjoy a good workout and a fun space, including those with disabilities. They believe that all people are welcome and should be able to join in on the fun!

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