Mobility Elevator has designed and installed a completely custom luxury elevator in a private 7 story townhouse in the Brooklyn Heights section of NYC. This elevator has a bird cage design with mirror background, antique style fixtures, and a dial style floor indicator. 

The outside has a quaint and charming feel to it, blending seamlessly into the existing structure while the inside provides a more ornate touch.

We can design a luxury home elevator with natural wood, mirrors, inlaid flooring, carpeting, or special lighting. An emergency brake device, a door interlock system, and a telephone in one of our home elevators, ensures safety and reliability. We work with architects, designers and contractors to meet the needs for each project according to the ADA, the ANSI A17.1 and Barrier-Free codes. One of our quiet, smooth and easy to operate home elevators may be the answer to your accessibility needs.

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