Recently, Mobility Elevator has installed two brand new dumbwaiters side by side at the Puma store 609 on 5th Ave. in NYC. For those of you who may not know, a dumbwaiter is a small freight elevator or lift used to carry objects, rather than people, vertically in a multi-floor building environment. They are designed to be used in either a commercial or residential setting.

As many of you may know, Puma is a clothing, footwear, and apparel store based out of Germany. According to their website, this location is their first North American flagship store “offering consumers a unique shopping experience through innovative sports engagement zones, a customization studio and digitally connected offerings. The store features 18,000 square feet of interactive retail space spanning two floors, with state-of-the-art double-height storefronts across 160 feet of wraparound frontage.”

But now you may be asking yourselves, why would Puma need dumbwaiters? This location has two double height floors housing a great deal of product. Since the floors are quite tall, it would be ineffective for employees to attempt to carry products up and down the stairs, taking several trips to accomplish this feat. In this case, the dumbwaiters were designed in a custom, and unusual, size and shape, being narrow and tall, since the goal was to fit shoe boxes in them as well as making the dumbwaiters an architectural element in the store. Not to mention, these dumbwaiters blend seamlessly within the existing architecture. By incorporating these lifts, Puma was able to make maintaining inventory of goods easier and more efficient, thus, improving the overall customer experience.

Mobility Elevator carries a wide range of dumbwaiters all of which are designed to provide a safe and reliable means of vertically transporting goods in either commercial or residential settings. Learn more about our dumbwaiters today!