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Vertical Platform Lift Products – Savaria v-1504 – Information

Standard Features
  • 750 lbs capacity
  • Maximum travel of 23′ *
  • Travel speed: 25 feet/min (0.13 m/s) approx.
  • 34″ x 54″ minimum platform dimensions
  • 115 VAC operation (115 VAC up direction and 12 VDC battery down)
  • Emergency battery lowering
  • Remote location emergency manual lowering valve
  • 2:1 chain hydraulic drive system
  • Gear type hydraulic pump
  • 8 foot long modular guide rail assembly
  • Roller guide shoes
  • 1.5 hp (1,119kW) output
  • Electronic free relay logic controller
  • Automatic baterry recharching system (115 VAC)
  • Combination mechanical lock and electric contacts or electric strike*
  • Low voltage controls
  • Normal limit switch
  • Control buttons on platform*
  • Keyed call station
  • Continuous pressure directional buttons
  • 42″ (1,067 mm) high side guard panels
  • Non-skid platform surface
  • Beige acrylic urethane paint on all steel surfaces
  • No machine room required

* Consult local codes and regulation

Optional Equipment
  • Special platform dimensions up to 18 ft2*
  • Enter/exit same side
  • 90� exit
  • Intermediate stops
  • Platform gate
  • Top landing gate
  • Upper/lower landing door 80″
  • Flush mounted 80″ (2,032 mm) door and frame, 1H1/2 ULC fire-rated
  • Portable unit package
  • Stair bridge
  • Flip up seat
  • Custom color
  • Public building package conforms to CSA-B355 and ASME A18.1*
  • Emergency light and alarm
  • Direct hydraulic drive system
  • Outdoor package including electro-deposited yellow zinc coating
  • Motorized door

Models Available

V1504-STDThe standard model is built around a powerful hydraulic system which can
raise a platform and the users throughout various architectural boundaries.
It is designed to fit indoor hoistway applications and also for outdoor use.
V1504-TLThe tall enclosure model is designed to provide an enclosure with metal
inserts from the bottom landing door to the top landing gate. It is a good
alternative to a three gate system because of it’s simplicity and ease of operation.
The plexiglass enclosure model is designed to provide an aesthetic
enclosure with plexiglass inserts. It is available with various travels and is
offered with top landing gate for semi-enclosed hoistway or with top
landing door, enclosure extension and plexiglass dome for both indoor and
outdoor applications. The ALPE model is made of an aluminum enclosure
and a yellow zinc treatment on steel parts to withstand the outdoor environment.
V1504-LUXThe luxury model has been created to meet those very personalized
architectural needs. It is a rich blend of tempered glass, stainless steel or
brass materials. It is designed with a bottom landing door and top landing
gate or door.
V1504-MOBThe mobile model is a lift that can be rolled inside a building to any low
rise barrier in order to become wheelchair accessible. It easily stores out
of sight when not in use.

* Consult local codes and regulation

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