Affordable alternative to an elevator or vertical lift: Provides access without significant renovations.

Space-saving design: Sleekly finished traveling rails and foldaway design.

Machine roomless: The drive system is housed with the lift, so no additional machine room is needed.

Battery powered/Charging stations: Battery ensures the lift operates through a power failure. Charging stations at the top and bottom ensure the lift is always ready to go.

Other standard features: Constant pressure buttons to move the lift up and down, motor housed on board the lift, modular rail system, manual folding platform, pendant control, keyed call stations, keyed operation.

Standard finish options: Lightest gray

ADA-compliant platform: Optional ADA-compliant platform, ideal for public accessibility requirements.

Safety features: Obstruction sensor system on the platform, non-skid platform with side safety flaps, overspeed governor, manual lowering device, keyed access for call stations and emergency stop button.

Warranty: 36 months parts. Please see complete details here.


Optional Configurations: Straight through or side exit (90 degrees) ramp

Platform Sizes:

W26.5″ x L36″ (673 mm x 914 mm)

W27″ x L36″ (686 mm x 914 mm)

W30.5″ x L49.25″ (775 mm x 1250 mm)

W28.35″ x L35.43″ (720 mm x 900 mm)

W28.5″ x L44″ (724 mm x 1118 mm)

Other Options: Motorized folding/unfolding of platform and safety arms, fold-down seat with 330 lb (150 kg) capacity, pedestrian warning light and movement alarm, and stainless steel rail (required for outdoor applications).

Commercial Package: Includes power folding arms and platform, additional battery pack, audio visual alert, folding seat, ADA-compliant platform.

Technical Information

Applications: Commercial*, residential

Stair types: Straight, single flight with constant gradient

Capacity: 550 lb (250 kg)

Optional capacity: 660 lb (300 kg) USA only

Nominal speed: 15 feet/minute (0.075 metres/second) to 20 feet/minute (0.1 metres/second)**

Minimum travel: 8″ (20 cm)

Maximum travel: 80′ (24 m)

Motor: 0.66 hp (0.5 kW)

Gradient: Constant, 20˚ to 45˚

Power supply: 24 volts DC (battery system), 120V AC for charger

* For outdoor applications, consult your local Savaria dealer as not all climates may be suitable for outdoor installations.

** Note that the speed may vary depending on the angle of the stairs