Standard Features
Our rail is not only more attractive but it has the practical advantage of leaving far more space on the stairs. It also gives the smoothest ride, with a soft start and stop. This is particularly important for those who may suffer from painful conditions.

The curved rail is tailored to fit exactly to your stairs. It is available both as an outside or inside curve to provide the most convenient solution for you. Your dealer will advise you on the best option.

The toggle is very simple to use. Designed in consultation with healthcare specialists it can easily be operated by those with limited dexterity. Control it with fingers, palm or fist etc.

The easy-to-use swivel seat allows you to turn and lock the seat either 45 or 90 degrees so you can safely rise from the lift straight on to the next floor. The lever operates either up or down and is on both sides of the chair, valuable for those that may have restricted mobility on one side.

You don’t need to be sitting on the lift to control it. Infra-red remote controls enable you to call the lift from the top, bottom or anywhere on the stairs, useful where there may be more than one user at the property.

The comfortable padded seat comes in a variety of colors allowing you to choose the one that best suits your home. Because the cushions are easy to remove you can even change the color in the future if you wish. They are easy to clean and flame retardant.
For optimum comfort the seat is height adjustable.

The armrest ends have been designed to allow the user to fully grip the arm ends which helps them push themselves up from the product. Competitors’ products often make this difficult because the control switch gets in the way.

Not only is the rail slim but the footplate, seat and arms fold up to reduce intrusion on the stairs and maximize room for non-lift users. A powered footplate is available that lifts and lowers when the seat is folded up and down.

Do Sterling Stairlifts still work in a power failure?

Yes. The Sterling Stairlift uses a 24v DC battery which is charged at both the top and the bottom of the stairs. The Sterling Stairlift will continue to operate in a power failure for approximately 10* rides. Having charge points rather than a trailing cable reduces wear and avoids the need for extensive wiring.

*Up and down = I ride, dependant on user weight and length of stairs

Can Sterling Stairlifts work with doorways that are close to the bottom of the stairs?

Yes. The Sterling Stairlift rail can be hinged to avoid causing an obstruction. This can be either powered or manual. The manual version is balanced to allow easy lifting. Note: on curved stairs the hinged rail is only available in the powered version.

Do Sterling Stairlifts comply with current Safety Standards?

Yes. Sterling Stairlifts have ISO 9386 Part 2 and achieve all other worldwide safety standards. They also feature a sensitive automatic stop should anything or anyone obstruct the stairway.

Does the Sterling Stairlift have any options for those who have difficulty in sitting and then standing up?

Yes. Sterling Stairlifts have a specially designed perch seat for users with low knee flexion or those that may prefer to ride in a more vertical position.

Even though Sterling Stairlifts are among the slimmest on the market, do they have any other options to save space?

Yes. Sterling Stairlifts have a SpaceSaverTM seat that reduces significantly the space taken up by the seat into the stairway. It provides a wall-to-back measurement of just 3’/4″ (80mm) allowing a stairlift to work in very tight situations with as little as 27″ (687mm) clear width.

Can I lock the stairlift to avoid misuse from others?

Yes. The Sterling Stairlift has an on/off key that puts you in control of who uses the lift. It can be inserted while the arm is in the upright position which makes it easier for those with limited dexterity. When the arm is down in position the key is out of the way and can’t be knocked.

Do Sterling Stairlifts have any other features for additional security?

Yes. When we designed Sterling Stairlifts we took into account how it feels to be less physically confident and so we built in reassuring features like the lap belt. Easy to use, just push the clips together, to comfortably secure the rider.


Sterling by:

Mobility Elevator,
4 York Avenue,
West Caldwell, NJ
PH: (800) 441-4181 or (973) 618-9545
FAX: (973) 618-9638

Weight Capacity: 3021bs (137kg)
Speed: 0.12m/sec (approx)
Power Supply: 24v DC Battery
Charger: 1IN
Maximum Staircase Angle: 56�
A Minimum swivel width, straight stairlift: 28�” (725mm)
A Minimum swivel width, curved stairlift: 30�” (783mm)
B Minimum wall to seat back, straight stairlift: 5�” (148mm)
B Minimum wall to seat back, curved stairlift: 6�” (168mm)
C Seat depth: 15�” (400mm)
D Minimum folded width to footplate, straight stairlift: 15�” (387mm)
D Minimum folded width to footplate, curved stairlift: 15�” (390mm
E Minimum open width to edge of footplate, straight stairlift: 26�” (674mm)
E Minimum open width to edge of footplate, curved stairlift: 26�” (669mm)
F Armrest width – external: 23�” (595mm)
G Armrest width – internal: 17�” (440mm)
H Seat back height: 15�” (400mm)
I Footplate to seat height – Standard Seat, straight stairlift: 18″ (455mm) min
I Footplate to seat height – Perch Seat, straight stairlift: 25�”- 33�” (650-848mm)
I Footplate to seat height – Standard Seat, curved stairlift: 19�” (490mm) min
I Footplate to seat height – Perch Seat, curved stairlift: 27� -36�” (693-918mm)
J Minimum footplate height, straight stairlift: 4″ (100mm)
J Minimum footplate height, curved stairlift: 2�” (60mm)
  Minimum track intrusion:  
  Into stair, straight stairlift: 5�” (136mm)
  Into first floor – typical at 45�, straight stairlift: 3� “(86mm)
  Into stair, curved stairlift: 4�” (114mm)
  Into first floor – typical at 45�, curved stairlift: 0″ (Omm)