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Mobility Elevator,
4 York Avenue
West Caldwell, NJ
PH: (800) 441-4181 or (973) 618-9545
FAX: (973) 618-9638

Lifting capacity: 300 lbs
Stair configuration: Straight
Speed: 18-25 fpm
Incline limits: 25-45 degrees
Drive system: Rack and pinion system
Brake: Self-locking worm gear
Operator controls: Constant pressure hand held pendant control and wireless remote

Rail length:

16½ ft
Seat configurations: 18" wide seat with two fixed arms and 70/90 degree locking swivel
seat at the top and bottom landings
Unit depth: 14" folded/24" unfolded
Unit finish: Ivory
Upholstery: Diamond Wheat fabric or tan vinyl on seat back, seat, and padded armrests
Safety devices: Footrest obstruction sensors, seatbelt, swivel seat cutoff switch, and
final limit switches
Listing: ETL/cETL, CSA
Warranty: Five years on drive train and two years on component parts
Additional Select A/C features
Power supply: A/C with cord reel
Motor controller: Reversing relay
Seat and footrest height: Seat height is 18¼" at the top landing and 25¼" at the lower
landing with a 4" top track extension. Footrest height is 5¾" and
can be adjusted to 6¾" from floor
Additional Select BOS (battery operated) features
Power supply: Battery (24V) with charge stations at top and bottom
Motor controller: SoftStart/SlowStop
Seat and footrest height: Seat height is 18" at the top landing and 23" at the lower landing
with a 8" top track extension. Footrest height is 4½" and can
be adjusted to 5½" from floor
Standard Features
Safety devices
All Access Industries’ products were designed for your safety and comfort. Our lifts even detect something in their path and automatically\ stop so you can remove the object.

Contour seats
The fully upholstered seat is designed for comfort and greater security. The diamond wheat fabric is a neutral color that blends into almost any home decor and color scheme.

Compact design
The seat and footrest fold up easily and compactly (14″from the wall) when not in use so others can use the stairs.

Swivel seat
The swivel seat fully turns toward the landing at both levels, locking in place (at 70/907 for your comfort and security. This enables the rider to get on and off the chair easily and safely :while facing away from the stairs.

Pendant control switch
A flexible control switch can be placed in your lap as you move between floors.

Wireless remote control
Instant accessibility at your fingertips. Your lift can always be right where you want it. Or send it to the other landing for someone else to use or help carry light items upstairs.