Standard Features
  • Car Safety
  • Slack Cable Device
  • Top Final Limit Switch
  • UL Certified Controller
  • Call-Send Stations
  • 50 lb or 100 lb Capacity
  • Welded Steel or Wood Car
  • Car Gates
  • Car Lips
  • Hoistway Doors
  • Car Shelves
  • Car Light
  • “Car Here” Indicator
  • “In Use” Indicator
  • Stainless Steel
  • Access Door

Waupaca Cable-Waiter by:
Mobility Elevator, 4 York Avenue, West Caldwell, NJ – PH: (800) 441-4181 or (973) 618-9545 – FAX: (973) 618-9638

CAPACITY 50lb or 100lb
TRAVEL up to 50 ft.
STOPS up to 6 stops
SPEED 30 feet per minute
OVERHEAD 8″ min., 1′-6″ recommended above top of car (additional overhead required for car gates or overhead machine configurations).
LOADING HEIGHT 30″ min. when machine is “rail-mounted” below car (overhead or remote machine location and/or pit, required for loading heights below 30″).
GUIDE RAILS heavy gauge steel angles
ELECTRIC SUPPLY 115 volts, single phase standard. 230 volts, single phase, available.
POWERHEAD single speed winding drum with 3/4 HP motor.
BRAKE electromagnetic drum brake, electrically released and spring applied.
CONTROLS momentary contact call/send push buttons at each landing.
SAFETIES twin instantaneous broken cable, applied by a retained compression spring
CABLE 1/8″ diameter steel cable.
HOISTWAY DOOR INTERLOCKS required at each landing.
EMERGENCY LOWERING manual hand crank