Top floor view

Mobility Elevator was recently contracted to install an elevator as part of a renovation to an office building in New Canaan, CT. For this remodel, the elevator of choice was the Commercial LULA elevator model Orion MRL with geared traction drive. The newly renovated office features an array of large glass window panes on both the walls and as part of the entrance ways to offices. Following this theme within the office, the Orion MRL was the perfect choice to blend perfectly into its surroundings as this elevator features a glass shaftway, allowing light in from the large windows behind, creating an architectural element. Elevator installations are not only great for improving ADA compliance within buildings, they can also add a sleek modern touch.

Open door view

Standard Features

  • Anti-creep device
  • Automatic cab ON/OFF lighting
  • Powered emergency lowering
  • Emergency battery back-up for lighting, alarm, and emergency lowering
  • Slack rope safety switch
  • LED lighting in stainless steel
  • Car top stop switch


  • 90 degree entry/exit cab
  • Automatic home landing to pre-selected floor
  • Steel panels with plastic laminate in a variety of colors
  • Hands-free telephone
  • Savaria Link remote monitoring
  • Counterweight safeties
  • Two-speed steel doors with infrared closing sensors in black, architectural white, or stainless steel

Closed door view

Orion MRL is a stylish commercial low-rise, created with high quality craftsmanship and an innate ability to meld seamlessly into small commercial and public spaces with up to 3 floors. As one of the best selling models, Orion is cost-effective and has few integration requirements; it doesn’t even require a machine room, only a 14” pit, and needs little overhead space.

Are you ready to make your commercial or public building ADA compliant? Contact Mobility Elevator to discuss your needs. The Orion MRL might just be the perfect choice for your building.