The B-07 Model is manufactured by Savaria Inc. and is a residential stair lift. The Savaria Concord Lifts B.07 can meet a wide variety of accessibility needs. This versatile lift for straight stairways can be built for both indoors or outdoors, residential or commercial use, AC or battery powered, with an optional capacity upgrade.


  • Residential and commercial applications
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • 4″ (100 mm) minimum overrun with bracket extension at top landing
  • Easy to remove plastic shroud for service
  • Fully reversible on site for quick installation (one man installation)
  • Easy to service relay logic controller (no costly electronics to repair)


  • Smooth vertical mounted rail fits all architectural home styles
  • Unlike most other rails on the market, the B.07 rail eliminates grease and dust build up
  • Blend of aluminum, plastic and upholstery contributes to a rich modern look


  • Vertical mounted rail that houses the drive system and guards against shear hazard for your children
  • Standard built-in safety brake on all units
  • Safety sensors under the footrest to prevent unexpected obstructions
  • 60º and 90º swivel seat at top and bottom landings
  • Built to meet the ASME and CSA safety standards
  • Top and bottom final limit switches


  • Roller chain drive system makes it one of the most quiet stairlifts on the market
  • Hi-tech nylon wheels for a smooth and silent ride


  • Carefully studied stairlift to provide you with support and comfort
  • Adjustable seat and footrest heights
  • 19 ½ (495 mm) minimum seat height at bottom landing
  • Curved backrest
  • Molded seat for increased comfort
  • Two flip-up padded armrests
  • Easy to push swivel actuator mechanism


B07 Stairlift Product Detail


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